Everyday life in a romanian countryside

Yesterday we were just outside Giurgiu in a neighborhood where poverty is very high. I got so many impressions, partly I was so shocked and close to tears – how the animals, but also the people there have to live. Actually, yesterday I wanted to write a report about it, but I had to let everything settle first and get along with a few things.

In the pictures you will see how people live there and how they keep their dogs. It’s not really nice. But when you get to know these people, you also realize that many don’t know that they do not even see what they are doing there. Because of poverty they also have a very little opportunity to change anything. In this neighborhood Magda castrated with Carmen last Saturday, which is also a step in the right direction.

Magda has been trying to explain what they do to their dogs – especially the chain dogs – because these people say they love their animals. For us it sounds like a mockery when you see this, but they really don’t do it because they are bad or evil.

In the first family, we were allowed to take three chain dogs with us, one of them consisting only of skin and bones, but we were allowed to take them with us. The other three remaining dogs we were allowed to free from the chain and set up wooden huts with straw in them. So now they have a warm place. If they have to shackle them, we have brought them light leashes, so that they don’t have to use the heavy chains anymore. But they have promised us that the dogs are allowed to move more freely on the property. We will continue to look after these families and at least provide them with food for the dogs and cats and also help them when the animals get sick.

This family has a disabled daughter who was terribly anxious to collect the newly castrated cats. She can bring them into the house and even there is not every room heated 😦 Magda says that this adorable kid is the one who really cares about these animals. We hope that her kind of people’s attitude also passes on to the others.

Then we visited also an old woman. We brought something to their dog as he has no warm place and the old woman was not quite healthy looking either.

To the pictures I will write what it is about and it would be nice if many of you go with this to a little trip to understand why helping animals is not always so easy. The misery of the animals is not always on wickedness of the people.

This dog lived there and what you see here was his only protection against rain, wind, snow and sun. The poor guy is just skin and bones. On Saturday Magda gave him a box with a blanket in it.
It’s very scared. Finally they let us to take it and now it is in MAP.
It doesn’t trust me, but it is understandable.
Don’t have to live here anymore.
It is so very thin. The dog didn’t let me come closer.
This bitch had a 1 meter long chain with a thick ring, alone it was so hard, She is very thin and she can not walk properly, maybe because of malnutrition.
This is her home. She is very kind and gave many kisses to us. So grateful.
I would like to have took her with me to a better life. They didn’t want to give her, but promised to take care of her a little bit better.
With our help she is going to have enough food.
This was a second chain dog in the family. We were not allowed to take him, but he is now free from the chain.
Her neck was full of wounds which could not have seen in this photo.
This little dog also lived on the chain – just 25 cm tall and the chain ring is so heavy that it only hurts to see it. We were allowed to take her!
On the left side you see one of the wooden houses that we took there, filled with straw and the first dog has also settled in there.
And the next little one on the chain. The pipe in the background is the only shelter for rain or snow. That does not protect against the often freezing wind. We were happy that we were allowed to take it.
Not the best place to live.
The dog was so happy about our attention.
Totally matted, but a happy little dog now.
People live in these houses.
Behind the fence were chickens and geese.


The house from the other side. It’s not really inviting?


I was allowed to enter a room. This room was provided by the people, so that the newly castrated dogs and cats do not have to go out immediately. This is the girl’s room.
This is heating the room. The air inside is hard to describe – it can not be healthy.
When there is windows, they look like this.


The kitchen was behind the windows. I didn’t get any photo, because the windows were so dirty or coloured. When something brokes they use they have to fix it.


The neighbor also has a dog who lives in a very bad conditions.


The windows are all broken, but they have no money for new ones. So everything is covered only with foil, so it remains at least dry.
The old lady looked like she had lived several lives.
This little male lives under the table with two towels there.
The little guy was so friendly. He had lost his eye and never received any medical treatment for that.


He got a lot of petting and under the table a lot of straw with a blanket.


This is also a dog’s place. We left straw for it also.
When you don’t have money for a fence, you can use also an old mattress to fence your property.


This little guy ran in one of the shelters in the rain , but look what there is…


He sits in a hole on the ground where it gets wet when it’s raining.
Dry from the top, but nothing from below.
We went also to an other place. The dogs were very thin and the owner didn’t let them to be sterilized.
It was eating like haven’t got anything for a long time.
I was so sorry, but we could do nothing.


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