Teamwork makes everything possible

We have good news to tell!

Onnentassut_logo_250x250We have co-operation with finnish association Onnentassut ry. Onnentassut is taking dogs also from MAP on their adoption list and already some lucky ones have travelled to their loving families in Finland as Onnentassut adoptions.

Association Onnentassut ry is also supporting the most important thing – our spay and neuter project! They are working for to have better future for animals in Giurgiu area.

Some of the stray dogs are very shy and eventhough we feed them to come close we just are not able to catch them. For the truly shy ones we have used tranquilization with our trusted vet. This way we are able to catch and then spay to prevent also shy strays from making pups again and again.

Reality to be born as a stray pup is misery and a hard life that usually ends shortly. Problem with pups born is not only about individual pup’s suffering but also problem will go on and on. As some of the pups will survive to grow as adults. The surviving ones will also continue making more pups.

All the shy ones we can catch we always return to their living areas after spaying and neutering.  In MAP we take only the emergencies and the adoptable ones. We believe that gathering the dogs in shelter life is not a solution.

In October we had a sterilization day in Giurgiu with Onnentassut support and managed to sterilize 20 owned and stray animals. Sterilizations were funded with an auction which Onnentassut made. We warmheartedly thank all the participants of Onnentassut auction – with your help we really made a big difference in Giurgiu area animal protection!

Every spayed animal is immediately dozens, usually hundreds, sometimes even thousands of pups and kitten less born as unwanted strays or abandoned ones.

Thank you all who are following and supporting our work for animals in need!

Our animal loving and caring people joined energy and forces is needed to make real difference and better future.

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