Magda’s interview in Giurgiu Tribune

This is an article in Giurgiu Tribune in October 27, 2018

Magdalena Radu

The president of the Association for the Protection of Animals, Magdalena Radu, informed us that in the Giurgiu Steaua Danube area somebody periodically abandons Husky dogs and also puppies that are not suitable for breeding. Magda Radu believes that, if there would be a committee to control the situation of stray dogs, the number of abandoned animals would be much lower. Related to this topic, as well as many other problems concerning dogs with and without a master, we conducted an interview with Magdalena Radu, the President of the Association for Animal Protection.

In the following lines, we will introduce you a PART OF THIS INTERVIEW.

Reporter: You have a long experience in working with abandoned animals. What is the safest and the best way to prevent the abandonment of pets?

Magdalena Radu: According to the law – which has been in force for several years – the local authorities have to set up a commission to control the situation of owned dogs, if they have complied the law about the sterilization! The fines are great. We also have to take into account the fact that we pray for people to bring the animals to be castrated! We have been organizing castrations since 2006 in Giurgiu and in this time I have seen that there is two kind of people. We have people with a common sense. They do understand the importance of castrations and they bring their own and also stray animals to be castrated. Then there are other kind of people who are either against castrations or just don’t care. For these people it has to be a way to apply the law. The citizens have all our support in this respect, we are also expecting the competition of local authorities …. I want to sit in a round table with them.

Reporter: What projects do you have in Giurgiu area?

Magdalena Radu: First of all I want all the veterinarians in Giurgiu to be involved in the castration of animals with or without the owner! We must do it for the community we live in! I invite all vets in Giurgiu with their clients to the project A DAY FOR YOU! In a specific day every vet station contributes to solving the problem of stray animals by organizing free castrations for the population! I will announce the vet stations that want to get involved at the end of next week!

Reporter: When will these castrations be made? Where will they be done?

Magdalena Radu: We will perform castrations usually on Saturday, in our mobile clinic. Depending on the requirements, we will determine the areas where it will be located. It will work according to schedule made in advance. People can send SMS to a number 0733 483 669 by phone giving their names and what to castrate. We make weekly schedules and call them back for an appointment.

Reporter: You say that the people do not really want to castrate their pets. Are they fearing that the animal will suffer?

Magdalena Radu: I understand what you are telling me. Sometimes we had to explain the difference between the castration and an euthanasia. But I assure you that this operation is very “safe”. The incision is small. The “patients” also receive antibiotics and soothing. We use resorbable yarns and after recovering from anesthesia they no longer need anything. With the team I work with, I have castrated thousands of animals and I have had no incidents. Our doctor is wonderful and I love her a lot. She is the kind who really loves the animals and her work.

Reporter: Do we know her?
Magdalena Radu: She is not from Giurgiu – Carmen Pricop. I really love her.

Camelia Sachetti

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