Great work yesterday – 20 sterilizations

kuono-web1_1Yesterday Magda and Carmen had a long day making sterilizations. We can be very broud. Totally 20 sterilizations in a one day – just Magda and Carmen ❤

Kuono ry managed to finance our sterilization day with their Facebook campaign 100 Kuonoa (100 Muzzles). The campaign is still continuing in FB. Thank you Kuono ry ❤

This sweet little dog had been abondened on the street.

The morning didn’t start very well, because Magda’s car was not working. But that is why we have friends! All the people with their animals were waiting impatiently to be the first. Our golden hands, Dr. Carmen, had all kinds of cases that needed her gentle hands and a long experience.

There was also some setback. A lady has been supervizing the sterilization projects for some weeks. She was angry because Magda and Carmen make castrations and she said that she is going to complain about it. That ruined a little the positive feelings, but after all it is impossible to please all of them… that’s it!

Carmen and Magda had only short breaks when they were waiting for the dogs and cats to fall asleep. They finished about 21 pm. After that Carmen had to drive at home for 1.45 hours. They both have many animals at home waiting for them, so they couldn’t be tired yet.

Why do they make these efforts?

We hope to reduce the suffering on the street and the number of dogs captured in the shelters. The only way to end this suffering is sterilizations.

All the time there are animals waiting in a queue to be sterilised. We can do sterilizations as much as we have money for that.

One sterilization costs 25 euros. The sterilizations for shy dogs costs more (about 40–50 euros), because we have to use tranquilizers to catch them. The cost is up to the size of the dog.

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