We must move to the next level!

Magda has done a lot of work in trying to help the stray animals in Romania – especially in Giurgiu area. She has organized sterilizations in the area for years. The rescue work and organizing adoptions has also been a continuous project. For a long time Magda has been thinking that something more should be done to the stray animal problem. The problem is so huge. It’s not only that the people don’t understand/know the importance of sterilizations and good care of animals. It is also that the people themselves are so poor that they really don’t have the needed resources (money, knowledge, attitudes etc .).

Now Magda has started to look after people who could help her.  She is going to start three (3) projects.

  1. An education project for children is the first one. The purpose of this project is to make difference in the attitudes against animals. The better future is in our children. For this project Magda is looking for two people from Romania, who want to work with children.
  2. A social project is the next one. It’s impossible to help animals if the people need help as much. For this project Magda is looking for two people who want to do volunteer work with people.
  3. Our third project needs also two people. These two people are needed to support the education and the social project. They should make the work of the projects visible and raise funds to the projects.

All these projects together might change the way of thinking and might change the future better for the animals in Romania.

That is what we hope ❤

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