100 Kuonoa -project helps more than 100 muzzles

The stray dog problem in Romania is huge. There are generations of strays giving birth to new generations. There are puppies of the owned backyard dogs which are abandoned. There are new puppies everywhere.

Giurgiu is quite a small city with 60 000 people. Every single day we find puppies from the streets and the fields. We find puppies in boxes and bags which are abandoned to our port. Everyday we got phone calls and messages about puppies who need our help and a safe place. These puppies are unwanted and their birth could have prevented easily.

The sterilization costs 25 €/animal. Kuono ry is now helping us to collect money for our sterilization project. They have now a new project called 100 Kuonoa (100 Muzzles). If we sterilize systemically we have a proper possibility to get achievements too!

We get phone calls about the puppies needing help, BUT we also get more phone calls from people who are asking our help to get their owned dogs to be sterilized. There is some progress among ordinary people so that they have started to realize the importance of the sterilizations. There are a lot of people living in the nearby villages who don’t have a car. So we go there and retrieve there animals and after sterilizations we bring them back. We also catch dogs and cats from the streets, the fields and the industrial areas to be sterilized. These animals we return to the same areas where they have lived. The very shy ones are more challenging to catch. We have to use anesthetic pistol, so the costs for these shy ones are about 40–50 euros/animal. The cost is up to the size of the animal.

We can sterilize as much as we have funding. There are continuously about 10–30 animals in our booking book waiting to be sterilized.

One female can produce about 67 0000 descendants in six years. This is the optimum amount, which never materializes. But if  – shall we say – 1 % comes true then one unsterilized female is producing 670 descendants when her puppies are making new puppies and so on…

Do you want to take part in making a true change? No more abandoned puppies in the streets of Giurgiu. No more this kind of daily sad sights. You can now help us by taking part in the project of Kuono ry – 100 Kuonoa (100 Muzzles).

Our warmest thanks to Kuono ry of supporting us ❤

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