1 day, 1 vet team, 48 animals sterilized

We want to thank Kuono ry for their support. They made possible our sterilization day in September 15. The sterilizations made the life for all these animals a little bit better and prevented thousands of the unwanted ones to be born.

Thank you ❤

Sterilize2_180918Our vet team sterilized totally 48 animals in one day. There were 30 bitches (some of them owned and some of them strays), 2 owned males and 16 bitch cats (among them owned ones and strays).

Most of the stray animals we returned to their living areas.

This street girl we decided to take to MAP. She was so friendly and trusting that she would be in a great danger in the street. She is going to get a possibility to get adopted.

The local people came early in the morning to get their animals sterilized. Some of them brought also strays which they had feeded. People also helped us to set up the tents and carried the boxes. It was so heartwarming to see that there were so many people who really loved and cared about these animals ❤

Spay & neuter for better future!



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