September 15 – put this day in your calendar

September 15 is again a special day for us. We have organized a big sterilization day and try to sterilize as much as we can. We need any help you can offer: vets, volunteers…

If you can help, please contact Magda.

Abondened puppies in a forest
Abondened eight little puppies without their mother in a parking area in a forest

We told about eight abondened puppies in this post. These puppies are now safe and they seem to be healthy. Eight abondened puppies… We could have prevented this if the owner had brought/asked us to seek the bitch to be sterilized. You might think that this is a never ending situation. It would be easier to just close your eyes.  It is true that it is not stopping if we don’t face the truth. The stray dog/cat problem in Romania is huge.  It is very hard to find homes for these eight puppies and they are just a little drop in the sea. The only way is to sterilize continuously as much as we can. Here we need your help so that we can continue our work.  We think that slowly we can make Romania a little bit better place for these poor animals and also for people to live.

We thank all who have supported our work and also our special thanks go to

They have made our September 15 possible ❤

Donations can be made via

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NGO Phoenix-animal protection and human care
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