Dogs here, there, everywhere

In Romania there are dogs everywhere – literally everywhere. I want to show here the places where they can be found. We feed these dogs in these places. Yes! There are proper houses in Romania and stray dogs and cats on these streets. And we go there and feed the strays, because usually these people don’t care about these poor animals.

The strays also live in the industrial areas, in the factories, in the fields in nearby areas… There are stray animals in every imaginable places. They born, try live and die here. The dog catchers are capturing as many of them as they can. The end of the catched ones comes in the hell of public shelters. The straydogs live in a continuous fear.  This is the reality in Romania now.

We are always in a situation where we must choose… Choose the ones we rescue and who we left behind. The eyes of the left ones come to our nightmares. Adoptions are not a solution to the straydog problem in Romania. Our main focus is in the sterilizations.

BUT we can’t close our eyes when we see injured, starving or suffering strays. There are abondened small dogs which have no chances to survive in the street. There are abondened puppies with or without there mother who are in a continuous danger. There are abondoned old dogs and too trusting and kind dogs who are an easy target for dog catchers. Could you walk past them? Not trying to help? We try to help as many of them as we can, because

  • they all have a right for better living and
  • it is an only humanly thing to do.

Sometimes people are suspecting that we steal the dogs from their loving homes and make money by selling them abroad. What can we say? Just come to see the reality here. We have to leave so many ones to die in the street.

We want to thank our friends in Finland and Germany, who make our work possible. They try to find homes for the rescued ones, because a life in a shelter (even in a better one) is not a good life.

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