Abondoning has many kind of faces

Some days ago we had a call about 7 abondened puppies. They were all alone without their mother in a parking area in a forest. Photos I got… I couldn’t forget the pictures…

Abondened puppies in a forest
Abondened seven little puppies without their mother in a parking area in a forest

Unfortunately we can’t take little puppies to MAP before they have got vaccinations – it is because of their safety. So we needed a foster. We found one – BUT the foster wasn’t able to pick them at once. We tried to find somebody to keep the puppies for 24 hours. We found NOBODY!

Now the puppies are in the foster and they stay there for 10 days. After that we must transfer them to MAP. They have got the first vaccinations and we are making the parvo tests also. Now we can only hope that everything goes well and they are going to be healthy ❤

A little bit later Gina found a bag.

Every bag has a story here.

Every bag carry a sea of tears, silent suffer and lost hope.

Every bag here can be a bag of pain.

This time in our bag was a young male dog – under 1 year old. A dog who must learn to eat and drink water. He was a young boy who gave up hope before Gina found him. He was totally dehydrated and he wish to drink but just didn’t know how. He wish to eat but… it seemed like he needed to learn how. At this point he needed perfusions, special treatment and B complex, because he was so dry inside. He also needed to find the zest for life.

The hardest thing is to think what happened to him before he was abondened. He seems to have gone through a big shock. A long time in a lack of food and/or water have caused him a trauma. We assume that he was left in a chain in full sun light. He was there until he dropped. After that they just got rid of him.

Every bag has also an end of the story. Our bags which we found usually have happy ending with your help ❤

In time our target is to find a family for him and make him a loved family member. But before that he must recover totally. He is a little bit better now and he even comes to us for being petted.

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