A complete story about a sterilization day

Why sterilizations are so important? Just look at the face of this little kitten found from the street. This is the face of a romanian stray cat’s life. This small kitten was found without mother with her siblings and that is why it has almost no immunity. As a stray it had almost no chances to survive.



It’s very common that people in Romania don’t understand the importance of sterilizations. They might think that it is funny to see kittens and puppies – or even more cruel fun – it is funny to look when primitive dogs are catching and killing the kittens.

Spay & neuter & return

It is heartbreaking to see so many homeless animals that are not sterilized and they make the problem of strays going on  and on… The only way to make a difference is spay & neuter & return as much as we can. Why we return? We return the sterilized strays to the area where they have lived because it is impossible to find a home for all of them. The shelters are full of animals which are never adopted.

Think & plan & do paperwork

When we are planning a sterilization day, we collect animals from the streets. To catch them easier we feed them on the street regularly. In Giurgiu we also support the stray dogs in an industrial area where the guards help us in feeding. The guards have put red cordons in the dogs’ necks to protect them against the dog catchers. It hardly never helps because the dog catchers take every dog they can catch – even the owned ones.

The organization of a sterilization day is not easy. We have long lists of animals which we have promised to sterilize. We have to plan how we drive to pick up the dogs and cats from the people who can not bring them by themselves. We also have to drive the animals back after the sterilization. We have few volunteers so we have to plan our timetable very carefully. We can sterilize the owned animals after the owners have signed an agreement for that. So there is much paper work also.


Simply the best – our mobile clinic

We are so proud of our mobile clinic. With the mobile clinic we can reach the areas where people have otherwise no possibility to get their animals sterilized. Our german supporters made this possible. This time we organized the sterilization day in a park in Giurgiu.


The beginning of the big day


Our sterilization day started as usual. We already had so many cats and dogs waiting for sterilization and then we found one more. This little old female was begging food in the corner of the street. She was so skinny, full of mites etc. and had no microchip – so we took her to a new, better life.

We were so happy when we could tell to this little dog in the evening that she had been adopted to Finland to a forever home. Miracles happen – Pepita is now a happy dog waiting to meet her own people ❤

We have some hope that people in Romania are starting slowly to understand the importance of sterilizations. These wonderful ladies brought there dogs to be sterilized. Some of the local people even brought stray animals to be sterilized. Slowly the people start to understand that the stray animal problem can’t continue as it is now.


One local lady found this little girl (3 kg) from the street. She had fed her for a while and now she brought her to be sterilized. As we saw her it was clear that she is going to Finland as soon as possible. Little Ella didn’t need to wait for a long time. She is now adopted to Finland and is travelling there very soon ❤


This little girl and her family brought their cat to be sterilized. Looking at this little girl the future seems much more better. This will be the future ❤


In Romania there are also so called community dogs, which live in the yards of houses and people let them live there and feed them. So we sterilize stray animals, community dogs/cats and also the owned pets. For poor people the sterilization costs are too high.

Return or not to return?

With stray animals we always have to think that can we return the animals back to the street. Small dogs with short fur we keep, because they have no chance to survive in the streets among bigger dogs. The winter means also death for them. But the others?

This time we decided to give a chance for this friendly little girl. She was wandering alone in the street in Giurgiu. She was begging attention from people and was in a great danger to be caught by the dog catchers. We named her Lisa and she is now available for adoption. If you are interested, please contact Seija (Onnentassut).


From the same area we picked an other friendly female. With her we tought for a long time what we should do with her. We just couldn’t return her when we kept the other one from the same area. So Melina is now safe and we have the best news. Melina is now adopted and she is waiting when she meets her new family ❤


After sterilization we returned this female to the countryside where she had lived all of her life. She had given birth many times and always the puppies had died. She had lived so very sad life! Her situation is now not so bad. She is living near a house where the people feed her and she can also find shelter from the terrace of the house.


Hard days night

At 11 pm the sterilizations still continued. We started at 9 am. We have done many kind of things along this day. This dog came to the sterilization from a closter. She is there a yard dog kept in a chain. Her fur was so badly matted so we decided to cut it off. She felt so much better after that. In Romania it is very common to keep dogs their whole life in a short chain.


Our final result – almost 100 animals sterilized in a one day

Our sterilization day was a big success. We sterilized almost 100 animals in a one day.  We saved thousands of animals to be born in a misery and made a life a little bit better for the sterilized ones. Our day lasted from 9 am to 01.37 am – over 14 hours. Our vet Carmen Pricop ended her work that time and after that she had to drive to her home where she was at about 3 am. Because we wanted to save her a little bit, we took a couple of animals to Bucharest so we could sterilize them next day.

All the sterilized animals are feeling good. We gave a prescriptions to the owners. The stray animals are returned to the areas where they lived. The people who feed them are observing the animals for two weeks.

In sterilizations we use only vets who are doing rescue work. They relate the animals as individuals and want their best. Our best thanks from our hearts to Carmen Pricop and Irina’s team ❤

All this was possible because of all who donated via Ihmeistämö or Kuono ry.

Thank you for you all from our hearts ❤

Donations can be made via
Paypal: phoenix_animale@yahoo.com

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