In August 10 we have a big day for sterilizations

We are going to organize a big day for sterilizations in August 10 in Giurgiu area. As usually we organize sterilizations at least in two places where we are desperately needed. We sterilize dogs/cats in the streets and also owned animals. We sterilize owned dogs/cats because there owner’s can not afford the costs of the sterilization. Our mobile clinic will be in use so that we can go to the areas which are otherwise very difficult to reach.

Our hope is to get at least 70 dogs/cats sterilized in one day. We need all help to get this done. We need volunteers from Romania, vets who can give 2 hours of there working time. There is so much work where everybody can help. If you can not be with us, you can help with a donation. Any donation – big or small – makes a difference and is valuable for us.

You can help us to make Romania a little bit better place for these animals We organize sterilizations as much and as often as it is possible.

Donations can be made via

IBAN and Swiftcode:
NGO Phoenix-animal protection and human care
RO95BTRL01904205852050XX (Phoenix)

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