Why we should sterilize more and more

Please take few moments of your time to read this story. It will give you a new perspective about the mentality of romanian people and about how important castrations are considering all the facts.

This little kitten is much smaller in reality than she is in these pictures. She is just a little baby, as big as my hand, still on milk but without mother – alone on the street.

She was crying like hell between the fast driving cars. On both sides of her people were coming and going, some mothers with their babies, all acting like she doesn’t exist. For them it doesn’t matter that in a second a little baby will be dead.

Gina stopped the car and ran to pick the kitten. Right that moment, when the driver noticed that she wanted to rescue the kitten he/she drove fast over the kitten. Gina was totally shocked, she didn’t realise that she was also in great danger. To protect her a man jumped in front of the cars (we have no idea who he is). With the kitten in her hands not knowing if she was death or alive she was screaming to people around. She put the baby in the car and only after a time she could call me still in a shock.

The baby is with me now. She has a limping leg but she will be fine, only a miracle keeped her alive.

We have streets full of babies – cats and dogs…  – and this was a lucky one….

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