R.I.P. Antrenor

Today we lost an old friend, a gentleman, a male who knew how to make himself respected. Antrenor – sometimes misunderstood, a dog who knew only MAP and the life on the streets.

Today, after we consulted many vets they told that his chances are zero and his pains are huge. The diagnostic was a metastatic cancer. We had to let him go to a better world. Antrenor is now in a better place 😦

Antrenor has been living on the streets. He was rescued from Giurgiu public shelter and he came to MAP in 2011. He was the first dog in Magda’s Angels Place. Antrenor had a great personality and knew his worth. He was not very good with other dogs, so he lived alone. But he had one friend – Denis. Denis is a boy who is climbing across the fences. Sometimes he came to play with Antrenor. The black beauty joined Antrenor to keep him company and Antrenor was happy about it.

An old respectable gentleman, this was Antrenor. Rest with angels our Angel ❤

R.I.P. Antrenor

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