The importance of spaying and neutering

Dear friends – all the people who are interested about the life of romanian stray dogs know that we have here a very critical situation! The number of the stray dogs in Romania is huge. Daily there are so many dogs dying on the streets and in the public shelters that in fact nobody knows the exact number of them. We can only estimate and even so it is far from the reality. The only way to stop this is to have massive and permanent spaying and neutering projects.

In Giurgiu I have been running sterilization projects since 2007 and right now we are running 2 projects and the 3-th is on coming. I remind you that last saturday we castrated dogs in Giurgiu. Meanwhile the second project was running in a small provincial city named Jilava. Mada Lixandru is working there. Both projects need to be supported in order to go on. If we have to stop any project, then our previous work will be done in vain. The 3-th project is our new mobile clinic. The mobile clinic will go to the places where it is hard to get. Usually in these places people don’t have any connection with the cities. There are no human doctors and no vets. For these people it is impossible to castrate or even to take care of their animals.

All this work is possible with the hard work of Riikka Hietala (Ihmeistämö) and with the help of a small German organisation MAP – Hilfe für Strassennassen. The volume is huge – it is very hard to cover all the costs what are needed for castrations and we are really concerned about the expenses from week to week.

I am kindly asking you to think about the importance of castrations, when you see a dramatic picture about a dog who is on the death lists of the public shelter.

I am kindly asking you to think that we can prevent the mothers with their babies to end in the public shelters. Instead to run after to rescue them we can prevent this happening by sterilizations.

I am also kindly informing you that the abandoning of a female would reduce IF it would be castrated! We have many cases of people who have told us that IF WE CASTRATE they can adopt the dog from the street in their house.

Please I am kindly asking your support in order to be able to go on in our projects.

Thank you, Danke, Kiitos

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