About killing and rescuing

Do you remember Miracle? How about our poor pitch baby boy? You see now our little Angel Mandy who is in so poor condition. I kindly ask you to take few minutes in order to read this.

When I first time posted Miracle’s photos in Facebook many suggested to PTS… And our little Onni… If you all remember how we struggled to release him from the pitch? At one point we were thinking that maybe for him is better to be PTS as we didn’t know if his stomach is outside or not…

Maybe many thought same about Angel Mandy BUT please, please read this. It all comes from my heart, from a large experience and a lot of pain and suffer. Yes – Romanian reality is one of the hardest regarding stray dogs/cats problems. Every day thousands die in PS or bad places (some even private). Every day thousands die on the streets and so many are neglected in families, in chain starving or with the most miserable life. BUT we are rescuers and it is because we respect life. It’s no matter how hard it is for us or how uncomfortable. We always try to choose the best for the dogs. And all the time we put them in front of us , and we choose the best for them even if this mean for us to sacrifice a lot. I bring up 3 of my cases which lived and fight with us to stay alive. Angel Mandy is still fighting but our hopes are bigger and bigger. For each of them we chose to fight with the death, and for each of them this chance was a destiny change. The first 2 are now happily adopted, and the 3-th we hope will be the same in time.

Yes, we have many dogs on the streets. Yes, we fight for their life. And yes, we didn’t kill them because after all this makes the difference between rescuers and dogs catchers.

To kill a perfectly healthy animals because of some dangerous mind twist, the meaning of taking a life …. no mater how we call is still a killing! If all the rescuers here would think that it is much merciful to kill all the dogs because of this hard life then dogs catchers would have to become rescuers.

We prefer to give a chance if their is any – any possibility to survive. Yes, of course there are those lost cases when an animals is such in huge pain and there is absolutely no chance to control the problem and the pain. Yes for those cases PTS is a merciful act. Otherwise any killing choice remain an act of killing no mater how much we try to find excuses for our… thoughts (more or less healthy).



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