Romanian reality

Sometimes I wonder what can be worse than Romania regarding the animals? China of course and I think also Spain can be on top. Romania – why Romania? I can try to explain.

Puppies found from the fields in November
Puppies found from the fields in November.

Well, here we have the streets full of animals. If you travel in Romania and you go in the centrum of any city there you may not find dogs. Maybe because dog catchers have hunted them so much that they have learned that the area is not safe. The dogs know, they come out in some certain hours, on some special noises, in special areas. Otherwise you see them looking scared around… more like shadows. Their fear, permanent fear – which you can see in their eyes – will make you understand that their life here is far to be nice or pink or easy.

Then there are the killing shelters, public shelters in general. Out there it must be written “you who enter here… leave out any hope”. The dogs may not need to read it because the permanent smell of fear and death tells them enough…and if you wish to imagine what they feel … All killing shelters are full. The dogs are killed every single day. The real number of killed dogs is hard to estimate.

There are also private places which are also full. In this I think MAP is also. People take care about 40 or up to hundreds dogs, cats and sometimes horses and so on. Any of these places should not be a permanent place because if any of us would chose to live a life in a shelter I think we wouldn’t.

There are dogs everywhere.

Any of the dogs here depend on humans with food and medicine. And yes…comparing with other countries where many people, turist including go to help daily and there are over 10 volunteers every day, here people don’t volunteer! We do not have volunteers, our dogs know us, they are not used with different people because they don’t see other people. And our time is limited on few minutes for each dog. When I speak about “us” I think I speak on many rescuers names.

If the dogs are lucky they may get a place in a good rescuer’s hands. If they are lucky the dogs may get food and water and maybe a warm place in cold or raining days. If the rescuing center has running water and electricity it is helpful BUT the reality in a small village like Giurgiu is:

  • the number of the dogs on the streets is growing because the management of the problem is based on the killing method.

In 2011 we estimated that there is 3000 stray dogs in Giurgiu area. But as the management decided to kill the estimated number is now even higher (4000 app). The spay campaigns are not enough and we are constantly only 2 girls who sterilize and do all. And I speak here about a small city. If you wish you can imagine that on macro level. Then you can have a small picture about Romanian reality.

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